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Магазин игровых приставок Sony PlayStation

Магазин игровых приставок Sony PlayStation

150 000 000 ₸


Sell or buy a ready-made business

Here you can find or post listings for the sale of existing businesses, commercial real estate, and limited liability partnership (LLP). Additionally, you can find business partners (business angels) by buying or selling shares in a company, as some entrepreneurs, instead of taking business loans, seek other ways to attract investments in their project.

Start a business from scratch or buy an existing one?

This is a common question for Kazakh people seeking financial independence or, in simple terms, those who want to "stop working for the boss". The same question is posed by entrepreneurs who wish to expand their operations or change their direction. Starting or buying a business involves certain risks, each with its unique considerations.

The SDELKA platform provides opportunities to assess these risks by calculating financial indicators for opening a commercial enterprise. Users of the site can compare them with the figures offered by sellers, such as:

  • Average monthly revenue;
  • Average monthly expenses;
  • Average monthly profit;
  • Payback period;
  • And other data provided by the seller.

In addition, there is an opportunity to compare the costs of starting a company from scratch and buying an existing business. This might enable you to reduce costs associated with marketing a new brand or establishing a customer and supplier base.